A monthly membership for women to reconnect to their feminine essence.

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Join the global sisterhood of like-minded women & soften into your unique feminine essence.

Embody your feminine energy & step into the love, life, and sisterhood you've been desiring.

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With like-minded women and allow yourself to be held by a community that gets you. 


Into the woman you want to be through the teaching, coaching, reading, and embodiment inside.


Your full feminine energy and radiance to experience the love and life you've been desiring.

Where you can soften into being truly held and seen.


Womanhood is an online interactive membership community of women where you are held in opening your heart and stepping into your unique feminine essence so that you can truly experience the love, life, and sisterhood you've been desiring with coach Kelley Bode as your mentor.

Each month, you'll receive:

👉🏼 Teaching Sessions from Kelley 

👉🏼 Live Hot Seat Coaching and Mentorship 

👉🏼 Feminine Embodiment Practices and Integration Exercises

👉🏼 Virtual Sister Circles

👉🏼 A Book Club with a Monthly Book to Study

👉🏼 A Community Platform to Create Sisterhood with Like-Minded Women

This membership is designed to invite and inspire you into your personal next level of Womanhood through a combination of learning, connecting, and embodiment.

Your feminine energy is calling you home.

To a place within you that is soft, playful, fierce, sensual, devoted, and surrendered.

We've been conditioned to believe that our feminine energy is unworthy, "too much", or not good enough. We've learned to be independent, tough, and closed off from our emotions and bodies.

The result is burn-out, an unfulfilling love life, and a limit on our pleasure - among so many other things.

We've "got it all" - so why does it still feel that something is missing?

Because something IS missing...

And that is our connection to our own unique, juicy, sensual, embodied, desire-filled feminine energy.

You have the choice right now to stop blaming your partner, being single, your job, your kids, or your life circumstances - and take your life into your own hands (because that's where your power has always been, anyways)...

And step into this community where you can be supported in this sacred journey of coming home to you and fully embracing your feminine essence.

Get ready to put down your shield, take off your mask, and step into your Womanhood.

What You'll Receive inside Womanhood:

L E A R N :

Monthly Teachings & Workshops from Kelley

On the first and third Monday of each month, Kelley will hold a live teaching transmission focusing around a specific theme.

Potential topics could cover: feminine communication, intuition and desire, sensuality, loving men, healing your relationship with the masculine, and sisterhood.

G R O W :

Live Womanhood Call

On our monthly Womanhood Calls, we will gather for a live session of hot seat coaching where you can ask about anything.

On these calls, we'll focus on how you can implement what we're learning into your life and relationship and discover the blindspots that may be in the way for you.

S H A R E :

Private Sisterhood Community

Womanhood is a place to share and be seen by like-minded women who get you. Our platform and our calls are designed to be a safe space to get vulnerable and show your heart.

You'll have space to share in sisterhood on our live 'Womanhood Calls' as well as inside of our private community space.

E X P A N D :

Book Club

Each month, there will be a particular book to read. There will be a space inside the community to share about what you are learning as you read.

Each book is chosen intentionally to help you connect to your feminine energy, improve your love life, or heal your relationship with the masculine. 

Womanhood is for you if...

  • You want to embrace your juicy, sensual, emotional, fierce, feminine energy and  embody that essence in your life and relationship.
  • You're ready for the next level of your womanhood where you feel seen in love, led by your intuition, and magnetic in your life
  • You're yearning for sisterhood where you feel deeply seen, understood, loved, and backed and you're ready to be a sister who shows up like that, too.
  • You resonate with the idea that you are creating your reality and you're ready to take full responsibility for all that you're creating in your life
  • You're ready to create connected sisterhood with women who are also on their personal growth journey
  • You're desiring to love men and the masculine on a deeper level than you have before and heal any wounds or stories you might still have
  • You want practical practices that you can use daily to help you step into the woman, partner, and friend that you want to be.
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  •  2 Live Womanhood Calls per month where you can get coaching from Kelley + feminine embodiment practice.
  •  Private Sisterhood Community with weekly connection prompts & a place to share, be seen, & meet like-minded women
  •  Monthly Live Workshops on feminine embodiment, loving men, & much more
  •  Loving Men + Communicating with Men Pre-Recorded Workshops 
  •  Open to Love Pre-Recorded Program from Kelley
  •  Fiercely Feminine Pre-Recorded Workshop Series from Kelley
  •  A Backend full of Teachings on feminine energy, loving men, and more
  •  Monthly Womanhood Book Club

Lena D

"Being in my feminine was the missing piece. Thank you so much Kelley for everything. I don’t even have the words to describe how grateful I am to have been in your coaching container and in your energy"

Emily D

"I wake up every single day excited to be alive. I could not say that same thing before I started working with Kelley. She has helped me pave a path to being exactly who I always knew I could be."


I feel supported by Kelley and the wonderful women who are in this program. I can be who I am, with my fears and triggers. I can share them and I always have supportive and caring reception from the group! That alone - to be able to connect with women are on the same path as me - is huge for me!

Kelley will remain true to herself throughout this program: Welcoming, caring, human, funny. Her advice is valuable and accurate.

Whatever your difficulties are: emotional, time, money, language - go for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

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