A FREE workshop where you will learn my 3 favorite feminine dating secrets. 

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"I cannot express how speedily LIFE-CHANGING this workshop was.

Once I learned the secret of utilizing my feminine energy through the Date Like a Goddess workshop, everything changed with the guy I've been seeing. Other women need to hear this"

- Ashanti



A FREE 60 minute workshop for women ready to call in love.

Inside, you'll discover common mistakes that you may have been subconsciously making, simple corrections that will completely change your dating life, and the real keys to finding love through the dating process. 


Here's what I'll be sharing:


How my client Bethany attracted a loving relationship in just 3 months when prior to learning this, she didn't believe healthy love was possible for her
Why what you relate to as feminine energy in dating is killing your chances of attracting a healthy, masculine partner
How to stop wasting your time in dating and discover the faster route to aligned, committed love
A simple framework to discover who is in their masculine energy so you can stop dating boys, and start dating MEN!
THE mindset to take you from frustrated and "over dating" to empowered, clear, & ready for love!
Sounds pretty good, yeah? (It really is)



"I'm going on dates with more MEN. Less boys, more men now." 


I've been noticing a difference in the kind of guys that I'm now going on dates with. I'm not only getting different kinds of guys that are messaging me but I'm also going on dates with more men.

Less boys, more men now."

- Kirsten Greene

Stop wasting your time & start calling in your dream relationship NOW.

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Ever since our coaching I’ve been dating such elevated men. It’s wild.

- Erica L.